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Our mission is to unite individuals through the exploration of the marvels of the cosmos.

Making a Difference

Come and be a part of our noble cause at Art by Rachel Beeson, where we extend our support to mental health. When you buy our art, you're not only getting a beautiful piece but also contributing 20% of your purchase to NAMI as a donation. Your contribution can create a positive impact on individuals battling mental health challenges. Together, let us paint a brighter future for all.

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Ms. Beeson resides in the beautiful south-western Sonoran Desert. As an introvert she seeks tranquility, enjoys a yoga practice, hiking, and camping.  She has two cats and a snake. She enjoys listening to Doom Meatal and Psychedelic Rock while in creative flow. Science Fiction is the only thing she nerds on, and that is reflected in many aspects of her life, including her Space Cadet Set. 

Black Sky


After finishing her Associates of General Studies and AGEC-A Certificate in Liberal Arts in her early twenties, she paused her education to support her family. Years later, she made the decision to return to school and is currently working on her Bachelor of Fine Art in Studio Arts with an emphasis in 2-D Art. In January of 2022, she accepted an invitation to her state's chapter of Tau Sigma National Honor Society.

Artist statement

As an artist, my passion lies in the boundless possibilities of Science Fiction and Space art. I aim to inspire viewers and transport them to a future full of hope. Sci-fi can inspire a discrimination-free future and restore faith in humanity's potential for progress. I create art that inspires amazement and hope through vivid colors, intricate designs, and stimulating themes. My art aims to inspire positive change for a compassionate and limitless future. Join me on this journey of imagination, where Science Fiction and Space art become tools for envisioning the best of humanity.

Black Sky

current Activities

This year, the talented artist is focusing on expanding her work and opening commissions. With a passion for exploration and a unique artistic style, she is excited to bring her clients' visions to life through her imaginative creations. In her quest for growth and artistic excellence, she will join the prestigious International Association of Astronomical Artists. This esteemed organization will provide her with invaluable resources, connections, and opportunities to delve deeper into the breathtaking wonders of the universe through her artwork.


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