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"Keep it Safe" is a profound exploration of human emotion and the enigmatic universe that surrounds us. With great care and solemnity, they hover over a freshly dug hole in the unforgiving terrain. The stark contrast between the astronaut's clinical, white suit and the desolate, monochrome landscape enhances the emotional intensity of the scene. The sun shines brilliantly, casting a dramatic play of light and shadow on this cosmic moment.


The title, "Keep it Safe," speaks volumes about the astronaut's unspoken emotions. It's a poignant reflection on the idea that perhaps, in the vastness of the cosmos, their heart is safer buried in the unfeeling earth than beating within their chest. This artwork invites viewers to ponder the depths of human vulnerability, the yearning for connection, and the courage to face the unknown.


Choose from our selection of formats to bring this emotionally charged masterpiece into your life:


1. Poster:

Choose our high-quality poster option to bring this evocative artwork into your space. Printed on 180gsm fine art photo paper, it showcases the intricate details and stark contrasts of the drawing, all while maintaining vibrant and crisp imagery. Hang it with pride to adorn your walls with a cosmic narrative.


2. Fine Art Print:

Elevate your art collection with our gallery-grade fine art prints. Crafted on 210gsm fine art paper using the revered Giclée print technique, this option ensures exceptional quality. The smooth matte finish adds depth to the monochrome artwork, creating an elegant masterpiece that resonates with your emotions.


3. Wrapped Canvas:

Immerse yourself in the emotional depth of "Lost Heart on Barren Planet" with our canvas gallery wrap. This option provides an effortless installation with hard-sealed backing and included hanging hardware. Printed on 100% cotton canvas with a 400gsm standard, it offers lifelike colors that capture every nuance of the astronaut's journey.



Unveil the profound storytelling and cosmic beauty of this artwork as it graces your space. "Keep it Safe"  is a testament to the complexities of emotion and the exploration of the unknown.


Choose your preferred format and make this captivating piece a part of your collection today. Dive into the cosmic depths, where emotions and exploration intertwine in this timeless masterpiece.

Keep it Safe

PriceFrom $25.13
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